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Ways to keep my body healthy

Published at 11 Jan, 2023, last modified at 14 Feb, 2023

Diet & Fasting

My diet focuses on 16:8 eating schedule, I don't eat breakfast, if I'm not hungry then I'm not going to eat.

After four months, I started eating breakfast at 10:00 AM. Usually I exercise in the middle of the day, and I think eating some foods before exercise might be good for me. I'm trying it now, let me see what happens to my body. 2023 Tue Fed 14


Rely on Centrum Multivitamin

Keeping fit

Three to four times a week.

🧊Cold water bath

I've been cold bathing for over 20 day now.


Balance my body temperature and increase dopamine release.

After 11 days, I clearly feel my dopamine baseline has increased, so please fully enjoy your first 7 days.


Bathing temperature control

Use warm water in the first ten seconds and gradually reduce the temperature until your body start exciting.

Body issues now

Bad sleep duration.

Maybe bad

Drink coffee everyday.